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Typescript autocompletion

replicad is build with Typescript. The main advantage to the user is that it offers nice autocompletion and inline documentation.

How can one benefit from these while using the visulaliser?

Initialise a node package somewhere on your disk

mkdir my-replicad-model
cd my-replicad-model/
yarn init
yarn add typescript replicad

You can then open your favourite editor (or Visual Studio Code if you do not have a favourite yet) in this folder.

Create a myModel.js file, and add the following boilerplate:

const defaultParams = {};

/** @typedef { typeof import("replicad") } replicadLib */
/** @type {function(replicadLib, typeof defaultParams): any} */
function main({ Sketcher }, {}) {
return new Sketcher(); // Build your model here

If your editor is configured correctly for typescript it should autocomplete now.

a working editor