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replicad is a library to build browser based 3D models with code.

In the fashion of code cad, it allows you to build 3D models with code.

But, unlike most CAD offerings, replicad is a library first. As an abstraction over opencascade, it gives developers the power to integrate it in their web application.

So there are two ways you might be interested in this library:

  • how do I use it to build a 3D model?
  • how do I integrate replicad in my web application?

Building a 3D model

As of now, there is only a simple online workbench to play with the replicad API and draw a 3D model.

You can use the workbench to follow the tutorial

Integrating replicad in your web application

If you want to use replicad to build your own application, an editor, a generative 3D design, you can have a look at the sample app and read the documentation that is related to it