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Sharing models

Once you have created your models you might want to share them without having to build a full web app your self.

You can use the replicad share application for this.

First, you need to make your code available online easily. For instance, create a gist with your code, and the the url for the raw file (click on the raw button).

Paste this link in the share application input form. The link generated can then be shared with anyone.

You can also include it in your blog with an iframe


Parametric models

You can easily define some parameters to configure your model. In your program, in addition to the main function, add a defaultParams object. These parameters will be passed to the main function as the second argument:

const defaultParams = {
height: 85.0,
width: 120.0,
thickness: 2.0,
holeDia: 50.0,
hookHeight: 10.0,

function main(
{ Sketcher, FaceFinder, EdgeFinder, sketchCircle },
{ width, height, thickness, holeDia, hookHeight }
) {

When sharing with the share application, a simple form will be offered to the user to change the parameters and customise the shape.

If you play with it, share it with me (@stevegenoud)!