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Now that we have a 3D shape it is time to move it around. Note that usually you will transform a shape in order to align it with another shape for instance, or to have different versions of a same basic shape.

For this part of the tutorial we will create a weird, non symmetrical shape:

const main = ({ Sketcher }) => {
const shape = new Sketcher()
.movePointerTo([50, 50])
.vSagittaArc(-80, -20)
.sagittaArc(100, 20, 60)
.extrude(100, { extrusionProfile: { profile: "linear", endFactor: 0.5 } });

return shape;

A weird shape to transform

Let's move stuff around

This is fairly straightforward. We have a shape, we translate it on the axes (or on a vector)

return shape.translateZ(20);

You can see the 2cm between the base of the shape and the grid

Let's rotate this thing

return shape.rotate(45, [0, 0, 0], [1, 0, 0]);

The shape is moved of 45 degrees by an axis going through the origin and in the X direction. Try to move these points around to see what is going on.

Finally mirroring

return shape.mirror("XZ");

The mirror image of the shape!