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The workbench

So let's use the workbench!

A first example

Let's draw using a basic replicad script. Do not worry about the details for now.

Open the workbench in a new tab and copy this:

const { drawEllipse } = replicad;
const main = () => {
return drawEllipse(20, 30).sketchOnPlane().extrude(50).fillet(2);

You should see something like that:

Your first 3D model

Congratulations, you have built your first model with replicad!


You can click on the Open in workbench button in most code samples to see (and edit them) within the workbench.

The workbench button

You can even open a model directly in the workbench if you click on the Open in workbench button next to the copy button!

Working with local files

If you prefer to use your editor of choice it is also possible.

Create a file (model1.js for instance) somewhere on your disk, and then you can point the workbench to that file using the reload menu (left of the menu bar of the editor).

Unfortunately, in order to have all the file reloading abilities you will need to use Chrome (or Edge). The load from disk button does not appear in Firefox and Safari.